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Accredited Grade 'B+' by NAAC in 2024


Membership and Rules: All the students admitted to the college are eligible for library membership. For this, they will be required to produce fee receipt and 2 photographs. All bonafide students will be issued 2/3 reader’s tickets and identity cum library card which they are supposed to keep on their person and produce the same on demand. A member may borrow the books from the circulation section.

  • Each student is eligible to borrow 2 books and 3 books in case of Honours and .Books are issued for 14 days after which delay fine @ Re. 1/- per day per volume will be charged. Before getting a book issued, it should be checked and any marking, mutilation, missing pages should be brought to the notice of the Librarian, failing which the student returning the damaged book will be held responsible.
  • Books lost or damaged will be replaced or paid for to the satisfaction of the Librarian. No marking or writing on or tracing from any library material is permitted. Any infringement of the above may require replacement of the book, and other reading material including audio-visual aids.
  • The loan of a book may be renewed at the discretion of the Librarian, if it is not in demand.
  • Admission to the library shall be open to the members only. Private books and personal belongings should be deposited at the Property Counter and a token obtained in lieu thereof. The articles so deposited should be collected before leaving the library.
  • Cards and Tickets are not transferable.
  • Special care should be taken to ensure that the Identity Card and Reader’s Tickets are not misplaced or lost. All losses shall be reported immediately to the Librarian.
  • The member, however, will continue to be responsible for any loss which the library may suffer through the loss or misuse of his/her card or ticket.
  • The Identity Card and the Reader’s Tickets are to be returned before a University Examination or before the person concerned leaves the Institution permanently. Dues, if any, shall be paid.
  • The Library Security is refundable. The application for refund is to be filled on the prescribed form addressed to the Principal, who is empowered to refund the security.
  • Members should keep the Library informed of any change of address, change of college, class or subject of study during the period of membership.
  • Any misuse of the Library privilege shall be considered as a breach of discipline and the Librarian shall have power to take such action as he considers necessary after consulting the H.O.D/ Principal of the college.
  • Periodicals, Newspapers, reference books are not to be issued.
  • Mobile should be in silent mode or switched off while you are in the library. Readers’ must maintain silence and discipline in the library.
  • Books got issued must be get checked at the exit gate.
  • The loss of ID card/ Reader’s ticket should be reported to the Principal through Librarian. Duplicate card will be issued, if the Principal gives permission after thorough verification and on payment of requisite charges.

Loan Privileges to staff

  • Permanent Teaching Staff … 8 books
  • Temporary Lecturers … 2 books
  • Lecturers as Guest faculty … 2 books
  • Non-Teaching Staff …2 books

Conditions of Loan

Period of Loan

  • Permanent Teaching Staff …One Month
  • Temporary Lecturers … 14 days
  • Lecturers in Guest faculty … 14 days
  • Non-Teaching Staff …14 days

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